” BLAST FROM THE PAST ” Kejriwal & Sisodia foundation “KABIR” recieved $400,000 from Ford Foundation During IAC movement ~ Arundhati roy

Arundhati Roy Interview to CNN IBN in 2011

In 2011 CNN IBN Deputy Editor Sagarika Ghose took exclusive interview of activist Arundhati Roy where she revealed that Anna Hazare was propped up as the saint of the masses, he was not the driver of the movement. The anti-corruption movement, she said it was actually an agenda of multi-national corporations to increase the penetration of international capital in India.

She also expressed deep concern over Anna’s team members running NGOs funded by multinational corporations, not all of which are clean on the corruption front. She had written in a Hindu column on 21 August 2011…

“Kabir, run by Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia,
key figures in Team Anna, has received $400,000 from
the Ford Foundation in the last three years.”

That time Arvind Kejriwal, instead of giving any straight and unambiguous reaction, aroused much suspicion by telling the Firstpost via sms that he had no comment, and instead, asked where is the proof ? His asking of proof, reflected that may be initially he had no intention of accepting the allegation that he was receiving funds from abroad for his movements.

But, when the Ford Foundation representative, Steven Solnick accepted that Kejriwal’s NGO Kabir was being funded by his New York based Foundation since 2005, and last installment was paid till 2010 Kejriwal had to accept the allegation. Solnick disclosed that Kejriwal’s NGO was granted $ 1,72,000 in 2005 and second it was in 2008 consisting of $ 1,97,000. The Foundation has clearly admitted that it was given for the work on ‘Right to Information Act’ campaign of Kejriwal’s NGO.

She added that World Bank alone runs 600 anti-corruption programmes in Sub-Saharan countries as a means to increase the penetrations of foreign capital.

Roy said the main reason why she is so skeptical of Anna’s movement was because Everyone associated with IAC MovementArundhati R wanted to gain political mileage & Now a days arvind kejriwal as Delhi CM is the perfect answer of her allegations.


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