Why Feminists are silent over Triple Talak and Uniform Civil Code ?


What is Uniform Civil Code ?

Uniform Civil Code is one of the Major issue promised by BJP before elections in their Menifesto , Common Civil Code means – One Law for all , In India there are different roles and Laws for each major religious community in India, according to their customs and scriptures , Every major religious community is having their person laws which was earlier considered good for a secular country like India , These personal laws distinguish from Public laws and cover marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption and maintenance , It is the most controversial topic in present scenrio , Debates which are happening in India is based on Why different law for different citizens living in the same country ? Debate is based on Muslim Personal law which is based on Sharia law and their is no reform in this law since 1937 , It permists man to divorce his wife just by saying talak-talak-talak three times and allow man to marry upto four wives in the country ( Polygamy ).


– How These Laws are being misused for a long time ?

In a secular Country like India , Having Its Constitution and laws Every citizen should follow Public laws not personal laws , Here People benifitted with 2 laws at same time , According to Sharia law Man can have for Wives , In this case a M citizen is following personal law for the betterment of his community , According to Sharia Law one can Divorce his wife just by saying Talak 3 times , Not following Constitution in these cases because everything is alright,Personal interest is getting satisfied here But when it came to cases like Rape , Brutal Laws are there to punush rapists , but In this case these M People Follow Constitution and It’s Laws , Overall 2 laws for a citizen according to their comfort ? This is how it is being Misused , Further Misuse should be stopped


– Reaction of AIMPLB

All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) and other Muslim outfits on Thursday announced their boycott of the Law Commission’s exercise to seek inputs for a uniform civil code, and accused the government of waging a “war” against the community , Ironically They never though about the brutality which is happening against muslim Women by men , They Never Questioned the exploitation of Muslim Women by these laws , they never thought about what muslim women go through when they are rejected / given divorce by their men without any interfere in the process , They never talked about the consent which every single human being posess? Human rights of these women should be given back which they never had , AIMPLB has problem with everything which is good for a human being , Whatever their reaction is to this issue is worthless , should not be entertained by government


– Feminsts are still Silent

feminists , protectors / preachers who speak on every single issue related to Hindu women were and are still silent over this Triple Talak Thing . They may be afraid of speaking in internal matters of peaceloving creatures , whoever speaks in their internal matter will be thrashed , Animal right organisation PETA activist once tried doing something in favour of animals during Bakra eid days , She was beaten up by 100 of peaceloving people on road ,
May be this is the reason , Feminists ( Women Right Activists ) are still silent over these women related issues .




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