Govt. Should stop Giving Visa to Pak Artists , Stop Trade with pakistan – Irfan Khan


After URI Attacks , People decided not to watch pakistani Actors which was absolutely a right decision , They were asked questions , to make a comment on URI Attacks , to Condemn the attacks even without mentioning their country , They remained silent , they did not made any comment against any kind of terrorism by Pakistan , They choosed to leave INDIA rather than condeming the attacks , many Bollytards backed these pakistani artists said that they are artists they have nothing to do with terrorism , they are not terrorists , Salman khan made this comment , After Salman khan many bollywood intellectuals like Mahesh Bhatt , Om puri etc etc came and spelt venom from their mouth for india in a sense and honey for pakistan as pakistan is their own country .


Some Bollywood people also came and choosed to criticize those bollytards who are backing pakistani artists , they said they stand by their nation and asked others to do the same , urged every single person to support their country , these people were Akshay Kumar , Nana patekar , Ajay devgan , Now recently bollywood most loved actor Irfan Khan said the same thing about pakistan , he suggested govt. not give visa’s to pakistani artists , and stop every possible trade with pakistan as they are are disturbing india with such attacks ..

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