Economist Arvind Kejriwal Blasted at PM Modi for Scrapping 500&1000rs notes , Hillariously Funny Video


Arvind Kejriwal Delhi Troll Chief Minister Speaks Out On Scrapping of 500 rs and 1000 rs notes and issuing new 500 and 2000 rs notes and speaks the way He always spoken after becoming Delhi Chief Minister , Whatever be the Step taken by Modi Government He always criticized and Opposed Because Of Modi . He was Once Considered as Corruption Crusader by Delhi People Hence Made him Chief Minister , But Now It seems He became Chief Minister Not to Work for the Betterment Of People but To oppose Modi on Every Step , To Himself Bestest troll On Twitter and On Facebook , Watch Thi Video Carefully which he uploaded on his Facebook page –

Every single Argument by Him In this Video is Nothing but Troll Arguments containing No sense / No logic at All . It’s Not New for him to Accuse and run . Sadly Janta is aware what he is upto, not foolish enough to accept his foolish arguments this time . Step taken by PM Modi to Curb Black Money is essential and needed and It’s Done now . Aam janta may face problem for 4-5 days but It has long term benifits . Nation is Proceeding towards Development step by step . Arvind kejriwal Type Troll People are there and will always be there to oppose good steps and to entertain people .


  1. phir se do saboot robert wadra sheila dixit sabke swiss account number dona surgical strike gayee kinare tu ye bata 1 hazaar ka note kisi ne band nahee kiya aaraha hain

  2. Sir please be reasonable yes I pay to tentwala and crockery wala in cheque. Because I have only white money. shadi byah me lifafe band hi hone do … Cash me dahez jata h ussey bh mukti milega Na ??

    I am a common men I get 4000 for my 4000 old currency mjhsay ya mere dosto Se Kisi ne cut nh manga.
    Those are paying cut either they don’t want to stand in a queue or they have a black money.

  3. Mr. Kejriwalji. Please stop this stupidity. How much more desperate can you get to grab attention. You are NOT doing anything of value in DELHI. You have become a PRISONER behind your PROMISES & you seem to have no idea whatsoever to deliver on them. People of Delhi no longer trust you. Sure you got a good idea of what the real AAM ADMI in the capital is thinking when you went out to meet them standing in the Queues at the ATMS. You were hooted out amid the chants supporting Modiji. YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED.

  4. If Mr. Kejriwal is so confident that the true hoarders would have their currencies exchanged and home delivered, I am sure he also is aware of who those deliveries would be made to. Why doesn’t he ask the AAP cadre to just keep an eye on such houses for next 90 days so that these home deliveries can be exposed.

    Nothing can be a bigger evidence and everybody in the country would then actually know the purpose of Mr. Modi’s sly motives, he will be exposed and we would have a cleaner corruption free country, even if one such home delivery is highlighted with proper evidence.

  5. Mr Kajriwal,
    It looks like you are trying to misguide people. If you are really innocent and such dumb then you should know that how you can print so many 100 and 50 rs denomination notes in such a little time. Rs 2000rs notes were created to quickly replace the scrapped currency.
    Axis bank has helped you converting your black money even after the demonetization.
    Most of the people standing outside the bank are labourer employed by rick people and political parties including AAP and congress.
    You are also beeing getting home delivery of new notes and gold bars. Whom are you trying to make fool of.

  6. common people are not exchanging their ten thousand rs for 8000rupees. Only black money hoarders are exchanging 10000rs for 8000rs.


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