WATCH-PM Modi speaks out for people who are angry with him Over Scrapping of Blackmoney Issue


Recently PM Modi Adressed India and Declared 500 and 1000 rupee notes to be Illeagle tender from the same night , And Asked People not To panic Said You have time exactly 50 days to Change your Currency . Common people there outside every bank standing for 6-7 hours for their exchange or deposite are Angry not at PM Modi but, system , The Arrengements which are being carried out by banks .

People from Oppostion aren’t happy .
Congress Leaders are trying their hard to continue their Argument , Why This Policy is not Benificial / Why It wont help India in terms of Getting Black Money back / How Will people Manage for some days Etc etc . Global Troll Shri Shri Arvind Kejriwal ji Made a Video sitting in a room lecturing at Modi ji that This Scrapping of 500rs and 1000rs notes won’t help Indian people getting their money back . He made several allegations at PM Modi that , Before this move PM asked his friends and Party members to Invest / Dispose their money which are obviously like always have no sense .

PM Modi speaks out at this issue , pointed those people who are angry at him . He Gave an example Which is perfectly suits this situation
Here is the Video

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