Arvind Kejriwal Hits a New Low Again, Twitterati Blasted Him Badly!!


Many days Passed, Arvind Kejriwal was Silent. His Existence was in Danger. There was no   Limelight. He had no issue against Prime minister Modi. But A Troll Can Never sit Silent. He again hit a new low by Questioning Same thing on which He Licked his own spit. He Questioned PM Educational Qualifications ( Bechler degree ). BJP Answered and Provided Everything after that He asked For Masters degree, BJP Provided That too.He Questioned Why DU is not answering, Delhi University Official Answered and Provided every related Information. He tried everything to prove Modi and Illiterate Prime minister But he failed at Every step. Now When He have Nothing He is raising same issue again.

Actually, He is Proving himself an “Illiterate” now. People are abusing Him badly. Can’t he Differentiate and see How people are reacting to his foolish statements and tweets? He can see everything. All he Want is Publicity and He is Getting what he want in appropriate quantity. see how –

What he Tweeted – 

How People Reacted –

2- What He Re-Tweeted 

How People reacted –







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