China Warned Mongolia For Taking India’s Help, But India Shocked Whole World with this Move


Mongolia caught China by surprise by hosting the Dalai Lama last month for four days, saying that it was purely religious visit.

China accused Mongolia of taking an “erroneous” step after the visit of Dalai Lama. In Counter China put number of countermeasures including hiking over-land transit charges cancelling key bilateral talks to punish Mongolia for its “erroneous action” in defiance of China’s warning.

Dalai lama vist to Mongolia

Monglian envoy said Mongolian vehicles were being arbitrarily charged for over-land transit and China’s province of Inner Mongolia had begun to charge trucks carrying minerals a provincial tariff.

Mongolian Ambassador to India


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    Wish I could see journo writing about Tasleema Nasreen who has praised India for freedom of religion.The presstitutes have not written a word about Bangladeshis terrorising Hindus in West Bengal and have not questioned Mamta Banerjee for the happenings in her state. The presstitutes need to pull up their socks and come out of the glass houses they live in and change their opinions.They should realise their statements are treated as TRASH by the general public.


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