China Warned Mongolia For Taking India’s Help, But India Shocked Whole World with this Move


Mongolia has asked for “clear support” from India against a transport-obstruction imposed by China

“India should come out with clear support against the difficulties that have been imposed on Mongolia by China, which is an overreaction to the religious visit by His Holiness Dalai Lama” said Ambassador Gonchig Ganbold.

But Chinese official media today warned Mongolia that it is “politically harebrained” to seek India’s help as the move will further complicate bilateral ties and said

“However, it also hopes it could seek a third neighbour, which can enable the country to reap more profits by gaining more bargaining chips. But Mongolia should be alerted that it cannot afford the risks of such geopolitical games,”

MEA Vikas swarup Press Conference announcing Financial Aid to Mongolia

Assuring Mongolia that India is sympathetic to the problems being faced by it, Delhi has said it will help the country utilise the $1 billion financial assistance offered in 2015 to tide over the economic sanctions imposed on Ulan Bator by China in retaliation for inviting Dalai Lama

Answering questions, the MEA spokesperson said:

We are ready to work with Mongolian people in this time of their difficulty. During the visit of the PM to Mongolia in May 2015, he had conveyed to the Mongolian leadership that India will extend support in diverse fields. We had announced a credit line of US$ 1billion. We are closely working with the Mongolian government to implement the credit line in a manner that is deemed beneficial to the friendly people of Mongolia by its leadership”.


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