Congress Spokesperson Tweeted About 1971 War, As War Against Bangladesh,Badly Thrashed On Twitter!


It’s All Started With Priyanka Chaturvedi, Who is National SpokesPerosn of Congress tweeted about war which was actually fought b/w India and Pakistan-

According to her “WAR” Fought in 1971 was against Bangladesh, She used her General Knowledge not for the First time On Twitter, In Past She used to tweet such things on Regular Basis, Congitards tweets try their best to make their master Rahul Gandhi appear intelligent in front of Indians But Gets Failed Everytime.When She Realized that She has made blunder again She deleted her tweet and as always played Victim Card. See How –

Just For the Sake of Criticism Of Modi Supporters She Tweeted this Foolish Tweet, Later Deleted her tweet. This Twitter User Showed her Mirror in best way :p Read Whole Thread-

Read Full Thread Here – ( )



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