Hindus Will Never have 10 Kids, Becuase they are not Fools like…


Shankaracharya Vasudevaananda Sarasvati in an Event organized and Attended by RSS head Mohan Bhagwat released a controversial statement, In the event, He asked and suggested Hindus to have at least 10 kids to counter Further Mishappenings, For Strengthening the unity among Hindus and to Build RAM MANDIR. Hindus Must Unite. According to Him, Every Hindu should give birth to at least 10 children’s and said That Hindus’s don’t have to worry about Kids, God will take care of Them.

Here is What he said-

I have Complete Disagreement with Shankaracharya Vasudevaananda Sarasvati. He is just trying to Mislead Hindus Who have some Faith In Them ( Sadhu, Sant, Shankracharyas ). The country is facing Most Of The Problem Which are Caused By Population. Government is Trying It’s Best To Overcome Such Problems. Unemployement, Illiteracy, Education, Medical Facilites most Of the Things Are Directly or Indirectly Related to Population.

I Will not Give Any Example of Any Community/Religion here to Prove My Point. Let the Parents Decide How Many Kinds They Want to have. Dear Shankaracharya Ji, Hindus are Not Fool like those who Give Birth to Many Children for a Purpose/J. So Please Stop speaking Shit. Regards An Indian Hindu.




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