“Indo-Israel Duo Destroying Kashmir Azadi Movement” Cries JuD Chief Hafiz Saeed Called All Party Meeting In Lahore


While delivering Friday Sermon and speaking to meeting of central leaders of JuD, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said

” fall of East Pakistan is great tragedy after fall of Baghdad. Which and why divided this country? People are forgetting. I think it is much more painful that conspiracies of enemies are not being felt today. It’s our responsibility to inform Pakistani nation about this terrible tragedy and a strong message would be given to the enemy. Indian Government is plotting against Pakistan to suffer losses. Especially, sabotage, terrorism and separatism are being tried to air in Baluchistan. Once againg, India wants to create an environment likewise East Pakistan, with the help of Israel and other Islam enmity forces. Often visits of Israeli government officials and military experts to India and meetings with Indian political and military leadership are part of this nefarious scheme.”



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