Pakistan Zindabad, Hindu Hatao Shocking Truth Of Dulhagarh Riots, Courageous Reporting by India Today!


On 15th December 2016, members of one community to demolish a Shiva temple at Dhulagarh, about 28 kilometers west of Kolkata, in Howrah district. As per some reports doing rounds on social media and various blog sites, one Gulshan Mullick, a local Trinamool Congress leader led people to the Shiva temple, after which clashes broke out between members of two communities have left several Hindus injured, some of them seriously.

Similar information of riots came to public space from places like West Medinipur-West Bengal and other districts, however, mainstream media turn a blind eye, if compared to reporting of Dadri event it is evident that this apathy towards Hindu by 4 pillars of Indian democracy is intentional.Zee news did report it but unlike Dadri issue, no debates, statements from all the political parties are missing.

After So Many Days After Zee News India Today Showed What Courageous Reporting is, Watch This Shocking Video-



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