I Repeat again Modi ji is Coward and Psychopath, Global Troll is Back with a Video Messege


Global troll CM Of Delhi Shri Shri 420 Arvind Kejriwal Ji Have no time to Work on Issues related to Delhi, He is doing 2 things only On Daily Basis, Comedy in Punjab and Argument without any Logic, Inciting People against PM.He is Behaving like KRK these days, He Come On Social Media Only to get Abused By People (Common People ), Every Post On His Official Facebook Page and On His Twitter Handle Can be seen Flooded With Abuses.

Now After So many days He came back With his old Tactics Blaming Modi ji for Raid on Satyendra Jain. Bla-Bla Repeat same thing against Modi Ji is the only inserted Programm in Arvind Kejriwal, Watch this Video and have a Good laugh-



  1. bhosdike bhadwe bhadkhao badshakal bewakoof bhoot ki aulaad teri shakal bhosdi jaisi hai dekte niche waala ulti karta hai tereme aukaad haina mumbai aaja teri gaand par talwaar kaa waar mai doonga caward phycopath son of a girgit


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