This is How Twitter Blasted Arvind kejriwal For His Vulture Politics !!


Global troll, Delhi Chief Minister is Famous for his Vulture Politics, He play with Deaths of People. He Hanged Farmer Gajendra from Rajasthan For his Pity Politics. He Played Politics Over Ex-Armyman’s Suicide case. Now He is Playing Politics over death of a person due to negligence of Hospital. Though Hospitals come under Delhi Government. Here is What Happened . After Death of the Person, Satyendra Jain called Health Secretary and asked him to reach Hospital, But He refused because of unavailability of Car.

After this tweet, Shri Kejriwal ji from his Office ( twitter ) Asked him about Why didn’t he call taxi, Is it important to ask such questions on twitter? No.But for Kejriwal It’s Important.Politics hai ji

After this Blame game, government started what It is perfect in, Retweeting Everything related to issue .

This is How twitter reacted –



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