Watch How Army Veterans Badly Insulted Congress-AAP For Playing Muslim Card in Appointment of Army Chief


Turned to new Low Congress & AAP Leaders Has Started playing Now Muslim card over appointment of Lt General Bipin Rawat as the country’s next Army Chief, superseding three officers viz. Lt Generals, Praveen Bakshi and P M Hariz and BS Negi.

Congress Spokespersons Tried their Best to give this appointment a communal color.

..but AAP stooped too low & Labeled Lt. Gen Bipin Rawat father BJP MP


AAP It cell head Ankit Lal

But Here comes ArmyVeteranss to teach them a Good lesson

And Finally Here are some eye opening facts for congress & AAP over Drama on supercede.

Via ~ @Leopard212 on Twitter

1- Gen Prem Bhagat was superceded by Gen Bewoor (Got 1 year extension by Mrs Gandhi) 1973
2. Gen SK Sinha was superceded by Gen Vaidya 1983.

3.  Air Marshal Shivdev Singh was superceded by Air Chief Marshal OP Mehra – 1972-73

4. Air Marshal MM Singh was superceded by ACM Polly Mehra -1988

5. Adm Sukumal ‘Tony’ Jain was superceded by Adm Ramdas – 1990.

6. Air Marshal PK ‘Bobby’ Dey was ‘deliberately’ ‘wasted out’ by
i. ACM Mehra going home early.
iii. Suri (on extension) assuming charge

7. Adm Bhagwat was unceremoniously dismissed (prerogative of the Govt to appoint/dismiss) and Adm Sushil appointed in place.

8. Adm Shekhar Sinha was superceded by Adm Robin Dhowan – 2014
(Done so, without ‘first establishing responsibility- in spate of accidents)

9. Last, Air Marshal Minoo Merwin Engineer, brother of Air Mshl Aspy Engineer was also superceded along with Shivdev Singh in 1972-73


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