Shashi Tharoor Appreciated Mohd. Shami, Said Even Mohd. Ali Jinnah Rescued his Wife From ‘Trolls’


Religious Bigotry is not new In India but Radicalism by Islamic fanatics for the PURDAH of Muslim women is worst of them. Remember that Incident 3 days back When Cricketer Mohammed Shami Was Scolded By Islamic Fanatics for not covering his wife properly in Hijab. Shami Posted a Photo With her Wife Where She Was Wearing a Sleeveless Gown and Was Looking Very Beautiful.

This Was not the First time When These Fanatics Bashed Mohammed Shami For Being Regressive and open Minded. This Time Shami Got Support from All Over Social Media, Mohammed Shami Himself Posted Pictures with His Family and answered all those Who were Questioning Her Wife’s Dressing. He Politely Answered All Fanatics 🙂 and Made them ( SHUT ).

After This Incident Congress MP From Kerala Shashi Tharoor Speaks up and appreciated Mohammed Shami For His Answers to Trolls. He Sais, The Shami episode reminded me of another moment from history, one involving a surprising Muslim protagonist, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the (future) founder of Pakistan. Jinnah’s much younger wife, Ruttie, was famously daring in her attire, favouring transparent chiffon and off-the-shoulder European gowns with plunging necklines which made her the sensation of elite Bombay parties in the 1920s.

The British regarded her with a mix of resentment and envy-


Maryam Jinnah who was originally Ruttenbai Petit. (Photo Courtesy: buzzpk)

But their disapproval didn’t spill over until a formal dinner by the Governor of Bombay, Lord Willingdon, whose wife disapproved of Mrs Jinnah’s low-cut dress.

After sniffily asking Ruttie at the dining table whether she felt cold, and being told she was fine, Lady Willingdon asked an ADC to bring a wrap for Mrs Jinnah. The insult was unmistakeable, but Jinnah rose to the occasion, and from the table.

“When Mrs Jinnah feels cold,” he told his hostess sharply, “she will say so herself.” He then took his wife’s hand and walked out of the dining room, never to return to Government House as long as Lord Willingdon lived there.

The man who founded the Islamic State of Pakistan stood up for the rights of his non-Muslim wife to dress in defiance of traditionalist British sensibilities. It was one of his proudest moments.

Source – The Quint



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