Watch VIDEO- THE SHAHI Imam of Kolkata Issued Fatwa Against BJP WB President Dilip Ghosh!


THE SHAHI Imam of Kolkata’s Tipu Sultan Masjid, Syed Mohammad Nurur Rahman Barkati, on Monday issued a fatwa against BJP state president Dilip Ghosh for making “filthy” comments against Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Barkati said Ghosh should be “stoned” for his remark on Sunday that Mamata should have been “pulled by her hair” when she was in New Delhi recently and thrown out of the city. “…If we wanted, we could have thrown her out of Delhi by grabbing her hair, as we have our police deployed there, but we didn’t do so. How can a chief minister use such words for the prime minister… it’s not right),” Ghosh had said referring to Mamata criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation.

In Answer Dilip Ghosh Said “Pakistan samjh ke rakhe hain kya? fatwa-watwa yahan nahi chalta hai, Fatwa jaari karna hai to Pakistaan jayen ya bangladesh jaayen”.

Bakriti also issued fatwa against Bangladeshi Writer said “Muslims in the country will not tolerate an insult to the Prophet” We will hold protests if she does not leave the country within a month. Exiled Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen is getting death threats by Muslim Clerics. Bakriti in Press club of Kolkata issued fatwa gainst Nasreen and Said Who ever Blacken her face and Shave her head will be rewarded by 25 lakhs.


  1. Good morning.
    There is no control of language of so many politicians in our country They use language which they will not like if we start using the same and demand arrest of us in Parliament.
    In every party ,there is unaccouted cash which they fear will be known .


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