25 Outrageous Claims Made by Arvind Kejriwal No.6 Has Been Proven Wrong Too Many Times!


6) No criminal would get an AAP ticket under his reign

Based on his so-called anti-corruption movement, Kejriwal claimed that he wouldn’t offer AAP tickets to people with criminal cases to their names. In reality, though, there are around 44 such people already registered as AAP candidates!

7) Claimed that Vinod Binny asked for a ticket after initially announcing that he didn’t

Kejriwal went on camera claiming that Vinod Kumar Binny had never asked for a ticket. However, when Binny opposed him, he claimed that Binny actually did ask for a ticket.

8) Against the VIP culture

Kejriwal’s stand against VIP culture is well known. His Z security tells an entirely different story, though.

9) Claimed that he didn’t know Raju Parulekar

When Anna’s ex-blogger Raju Parulekar accused Kejriwal of masterminding a scam of over 200 crores during the Anna movement, Kejriwal simply denied knowing any person by the name of Raju Parulekar. The internet, though, has several images of the two together!

10) Stated that Somnath Bharti was innocent

He claimed that Somnath Bharti was innocent after the internet scam got exposed. Bharti was later found to be guilty.


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