Arvind kejriwal is Planning To Ditch Delhi Yet Again, Twitter Reacted Appropriately to the Idea!


Try To Remember the Time When Arvind Kejriwal was Considered as Corruption Crusader(During Anna Andolan) and Took Delhi as Chief Minister after Betraying Anna Hazare. People were Excited, Suddenly Kejriwal Resigned From Chief Minister Post Left Delhi in Trouble. He Blamed Modi for Not letting Him Work.

Requested Delhi People to Give him One more Chance after “5 saal Kejriwal” Naara. Delhi Gave him one More Chance after Believing that He Would not Betray Delhi Again. His Whole Campaign was Based on “Hum 5 Saal Dilli ka Vikas Karenge”. But Now after almost 3 years They are Fighting Elections in Other states (Which is absolutely Fine), But With Projecting Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia as Chief Minister of Delhi and projecting Arvind Kejriwal as CM Of Other State is beyond wrong.

Today After Manish Sisodia Stated That You Punjab people have to Vote for Anyone while Considering Arvind Kejriwal as CM Candidate ABP News Shared this Statement as Manish Sisodia Declared Arvind Kejriwal to be the CM Candidate of Punjab. Yes, This Statement was twisted but in Future, It’ll be perfectly true. While Delhi is Suffering from Heaps of garbage on Road Kejriwal is Eying Punjab CM Seat. He is Planning to Ditch Delhi Once Again. All we have to do is Wait for the Elections.



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