Arvind Kejriwal Tried Attacking PM Modi Personally On Twitter, Thrashed Badly by People for Pity Tweets


Global troll CM Of Delhi Shri Shri 420 Arvind Kejriwal Ji Have no time to Work on Issues related to Delhi. He is Roaming All Over India Doing Rallies, Showing People a Useless Piece Of Paper From a Diary. Trying His Hard To Incite Pople without any Logic, against Prime Minister Modi. His Daily Routine is to Come on Twitter, Blame Modi for anything and Everything, Get Abused by People and Go back.

This Time He Tweeted/Reacted On a tweet of PM and Tried Attacking Him Personally. As usual He got answer from Modi fans-

PM Modi Tweeted that He skipped YOGA to Meet His Mother – 

After This Tweet, Social Troll CM Arvind Kejriwal Tried making Fun Of Pm Modi

People’s Reaction –



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