The Latest Burqa clad women Molestation case in Bengaluru was Actually a Family Drama, See How!


The KG Halli molestation took the media by storm after it came to light. But after arresting the accused today cops have revealed some shocking revelations

The latest “molestation” reported from Bengaluru is actually a family drama. That Burqa clad women was “molested” by her sister’s husband!

The plan was that if that girl’s name is spoiled via media, no one would marry. Then this “generous” brother-in-law would offer to marry her.


And this was used by feminists and media to paint Bengaluru as “unsafe” city.

Added: Ironically, the accused in this “molestation” drama, Irshad, came on TV that day and ranted against “unsafe” Bengaluru!

This video explains how the “molestation” and tongue/lip biting was planned by the accused Irshad and his sister-in-law.



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