#Moment When News24 anchor shamed Barkha dutt Publicly .


Barkha duty a well know name in Media Industry who was on the target of So-called “RIGHT WING TROLLS” for Painting Let Commander Burnhan wani as poor son of Headmaster even his father Muzaffar wani admitted in interview that his son was fighting for Islam & azadi of Kashmir

But An Ugly spat between Barkha dutt & News 24 anchor manak gupta left unnoticed at that time when Sri Sri Ravi Shankar met Burnhan wani’s father for peace.

Barkha used this opportunity to clear up her image & asked Right wing troll to make fun of Sri Sri too.

But New24 anchor picked up that rhythm & taunted him for Painting Burhan wani a poor & misguided youth

But in return Barkha quoted him as raised question over his journalism.

???????? Funny part is the lady who was involved in Radia tapes scam, Kargil controversy, ending career of journo YK Sheetal for just protesting against her talking about Ethics of Journalism.

But Manak Gupta refused to remain silent & gave her a befitted reply.

Later some journos support Manak Gupta for this too.




  1. Journos like Barkha think that it is their birthright to defend the likes of from minority community even when they commit henious crimes and indulge in anti-national activities and to condemn even minor acts of intolerance by the majority community from the roof-tops and that and that alone will save indian secularism. They conveniently forget that so called hindu communalism is the backlash of minority appeasment and turning blind to their misdeeds by the Congress party, leftist and the jornalists of the Barkha kind over past many decades.


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