Watch VIDEO- “OM PURI” Was Murdered, Pakistan Claimed Modi and RAW Behing his Murder!


Bollywood actor Om Puri died in Mumbai early on Friday after a heart attack. Om Puri was an “iconic actor” who delighted fans all over the world with his masterful screen presence and performance. Though his Political Views are No Different from Many Anti-Govt People. He Was in Controversy for His Senseless Statement against an Armyman live on TV

Om Puri, as he leaves a void in the world of cinema with his untimely demise, the film fraternity is looking back at his vast contribution to showbiz. Theatre, television, Indian and British films, Hollywood and Pakistani cinema.

He Always Appreciated and Supported Pakistan and It’s talent Openly. He Visited Pakistan many Times For Film Festivals or other Events. In Answer He was also loved by Pakistani’s. After his Death Pakistani media gone nuts and reporting that Om Puri was Murdered by RAW Agents after Ajit Doval’s Instructions, Watch How Foolish They are –

Two Raw agents named Rajesh and Kalveer, under the instructions of RAW and Ajit Doval, with the coordination of Shiv Sena, RSS and Defence Minister Parrikar, entered Puri’s house in the wee hours of the morning at around 3.30 am and killed him by smothering him with a pillow and strangling his neck

One week before the murder, Ajit Doval had called Om Puri to Delhi, where Doval proceeded to profusely abuse Puri. Doval then instructed Puri to go to the village of a martyred BSF soldier in Uttar Pradesh. Puri was told to fake a “crying scene” here to mourn the death of this soldier, to repent for his sins of abusing the army.



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