Rajdeep Sardesai Questioned 6,000 for Pregnent Women Scheme, Got Amazaing Answers !


Rajdeep Sardesai is prominent and Well known Punching Bag Journalist India have. He Had and Still have Problem With Modi and His Work. Everything Good Done by Narendra Modi is Controversial According to Him. He Always Asked Narendra Modi about 2002 even after Supreme Court’s Clean Chit. He is the Only One Who was Beaten by Indians living Abroad. Right After Demonetisation He Became Active and Did Ground Reporting. Every time He asked Questions About the Issue He Got thrashed by Public outside banks. Yesterday

Yesterday Prime Minister Modi Addresses Nation for the 2nd Time After Demonetisation. He  Declared Many Schemes For Farmers,  Women, Poor, Senior Citizens etc. People were Expecting Much More than this. One of the Scheme Declared was rupees 6,000 financial help for pregnant women Right From Registration to Delivery. This Journalist Along With his Wife Criticized this Scheme on Twitter Got Awesome replies-

This is What he Asked-

This is How People Reacted –






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