#Shameful; This British Bodybuilder Forced To Run Around Dharavi For Over 20 Minutes Because He Couldn’t Find A Toilet To Pee


He has a body to rival Salman Khan’s, and for a while bodybuilder of international repute Martyn Ford became the anti-face of the actor’s pet campaign the BMC’s anti-open defecation drive – by unwittingly highlighting the inadequate number of public toilets in Mumbai.

Ford, who has taken the world of body building by storm by turning his skinny frame into a Hulk-like mass of muscles, walked around Dharavi for nearly twenty minutes looking for a toilet when he was in urgent need to pee. He was so desperate that at one point he began knocking on doors in Dharavi, but was surprised know that none of the homes had attached toilets.

Ford was in Dharavi to meet kids at Dharavi’s Little Stars Junior High School on the 90 feet road. Soon after he left the school, Ford asked the organisers if he could use a public toilet. But there wasn’t one anywhere in sight. But since Ford was desperate to relieve himself, he just began walking around hoping he would be able to locate one.

When he could not locate a public toilet, Ford began approaching residents asking if he could use the loo in their house. Nearly 15 minute into the hunt, Ford spotted a toilet, a private one, but could not believe his luck because it was locked.

By now it had become a spectacle a giant of a man, tattooed all over, dressed in bright orange, body-hugging t-shirt looking for a place to pee, followed by his entourage of fellow body builders, PR team, organisers of the school event, and a giggly bunch of children.

He finally managed to locate a toilet maintained by Sulabh Sauchalaya, 20-25 minutes into the hunt. When he emerged out of the toilet, one could see the relief on his face.

Source – Mumbai Mirror / IndiaTimes


  1. This Is False News There Is Public Toilet In Every 5 Mins Walking Distance In Dharavi Please Confirm and Put In Ur Website he is trying to sabotage our india’s name so please understand u dont do


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