#Shameful Congress Leader Quit Politics Alleges Church Opposed his Candidature


The  Shameful Incidents How Religious Bodies Affects the Elections in India Is Limited Only For Communal One not For Secular Parties like Congress inspite Of ruling of Supreme Court canvassing for votes in the name of religion, caste or language.

Due to strong oppose from the Church administration against his candidature in Up Coming Goa elections Alex Sequeira, Ex – Power Minister in Congress Govt during Congress Rule decided to retire from active politics. He announced his decision at a hurriedly-convened press conference on Wednesday.

“The Church is objecting (to my candidature) tooth and nail. This was disclosed to me by senior leaders of the my own party and my well-wishers. It’s shocking and surprising,
In the last election, the people rejected me; this time party leadership denied me a ticket under the pressure of church. So I decided this was the time for me to quit active politics,”

Alex sequera ( ex-Power minister)


The church here clearly using loophole because there is no overt appeal by either the party or the candidate or even the Church to vote on the basis of religion.

That Clearly means that secular’ parties can continue to practice communal politics even after the SC order.




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