After Sushma Swaraj’s Threat, Amazon ‘Quickly’ removes Tricolor Doormats, Offered ‘Unconditional Apologies’


Amazon removed doormats resembling the Indian tri-color flag from its Canadian website on Wednesday, after External Minister Affairs Sushma swaraj threatend to rescind visas of the U.S. company’s employees if they did not stop selling the product.

Doormats featuring the Indian flag were made available on Amazon Canada site by two vendors — Mayers Flag Doormats and XLYL. The doormat, sold by a third-party on Amazon’s Canadian portal, was taken down immediately after fear of Cancellation of Thier Officials Visa’s.

“The item is no longer available for sale on the site,we are extremely sorry for that”

A spokesman for Amazon based at its headquarters in Seattle contacted The Washington Post to say that the doormat was no longer for sale on its website.

Amazon’s portal in Canada sells doormats fashioned around other national flags, but under Indian law any desecration of its flag is punishable with fines and imprisonment.

The Meme below is evident to describe the current scenario ????????????



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