#ThruthOrHoax Is Shivaji Statue really to be made from Solar cells to Power Mumbai ??


A report, which elevates Indian government’s scientific capability to mythical proportions, is circulating.

The newly proposed 192 feet Shivaji statue off Mumbai coast reportedly comes with state-of-the solar power cells, which can power all the government offices in Mumbai ????????.

For the record, the statue will be reportedly molded with Amorphous Silicon, Cadmium Telluride and Copper Indium Gallium Selenide, all of which will help it harness the Sun.

The post, which is now buzzing on social media, quotes a real-life expert Dr. Immonen Kirsi, Senior Solar Scientist at VTT Research, Finland, who found a way to mould these materials into a statue.

He is said to have emailed his research to PM Modi on December 3, who in turn, with his signature efficiency, ensured the statue followed Dr. Immonen Kirsi’s guidelines.

There is more: the statue comes with Radial Uniform Projection And Ranging (RUPAR) technology to track boats in the Arabian Sea to catch future Kasabs.

The post seems to have come up to counter criticism that Modi regime was spending money on dubious projects.

It, in fact, begins noting that ‘’Many are cribbing about the cost of the Shivaji statue…” and goes on to claim that “…This statue is a masterstroke by our PM Modi which will pay for itself many times over.”

The earliest public record of this viral post dates back to December 25.

It surfaced on a Reddit group whose members vowed to share it with their family and college Whats App groups in public interest..

We the Team Of Troll Indian Politics is against such rumors whether belongs to Anyone There are several Conflicts in this report & Govt. Notification regarding

Report claimed that staute to be made from silicon gel materials but govt. Notification Revealed that Staute will be made from Single piece of rock & If Staute to be made from such gel type material why govt. Didn’t mentioned it firstly ??

We hace sent this message to several news agencies & Govt. Office for verification till then this is completely hoax.


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