Watch Video- AKSHAY KUMAR Expressed his Anguish Over Bengaluru Mass Molestation Incident


Akshay Kumar showed his anger by shooting video in which he expressed his anguish with people who don’t understand the pain of Molestation and heinous crimes like Rape and Comment Like Toddlers. He Was Disgusted with the case of mass molestation happened in Bangalore on New year Eve, After This Incident One More Such Case Happened in Bengaluru and Captured in CCTV camera on street of Bengaluru. Two guys were captured on scooter molesting and harassing a girl passing from the street.

Do we want our own sisters to be treated this way on streets? Exactly No, Culprits have no fear of Law and Order in Bengaluru. They still are roaming free. Though in the case of mass molestation 4 guys have been arrested by Bengaluru police.

The entire world (the sane ones at least) fumed over and cringed when politicians like Bengaluru Home Minister, G Parameshwara and Maharashtra MLA Abu Azmi vented sexist rants about protecting Indian culture from westernization. Akshay Kumar Answered All Such people with this Kind Of Mentality.

Watch Video Here – 


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