Gurmehar kaur Quits Left Campaign After Exposed, Here are the Real Reasons…


Gurmehar Kaur early Tuesday morning announced that she’s withdrawing from the Save DU campaign – that’s protesting against student violence on campuses – saying she’s ‘gone through enough’. The 20-year-old daughter of a martyred Indian Army Captain was in the eye of storm following her poster campaign on social media demanding an end to violence on campuses, allegedly by ABVP students.

“I’m withdrawing from the campaign. Congratulations everyone. I request to be left alone. I said what I had to say.. I have been through a lot and this is all my 20-year self could take :)” she tweeted this morning.”

Seems Gurmehar Kaur playing victim card still from her tweets on withdrawal from campaign

But Here are the reasons which forced her to withdraw as her lies exposed.

1- Father a Kargil Martyr

Gurmehar Kaur & Media used Her so called story of being a Kargil Martyr Daughter. But according to Army Records, Her father was martyred in kupwara not Kargil.

Here is the Post from Times of India Mentioning His father’s CPt. Mandeep singh death real date

2- Filing Rape Threats complaint to DCW not Police.

Gurmehar Kaur who accused that ABVP members have threatened her to rape filed complaint in Delhi commission for Women not in Delhi Police, where the question arises If She really wanted to see her offender behind bar then why she hasn’t filed an official complaint in Delhi Police yet.

3- Sharing stage with John Dayal, Kavita krishnan on #AgainstWar Campaign.

On 9 Nov 2016 Gurmehar Kaur was Speaker in Program ” Join Protest against war mongering ” with John Dayal who demands separate Nation for DALITS & runs a website to Whome even congress govt. Banned founding itself threat to Internal security, Kavita Krishnan who Blames Indian Army rapes womeKashmirshmir, Umar khalid & many more.

4- Interview to Barkha dutt

Gurmehar kaur Did interview to Barkha dutt referring herself as Daughter of kargil Martyr, forgotten same Barkha dutt is accused for using satellite phone during kargil resulting Death of several soldiers as Pak Army intercepted that.

5- Facebook Post supporting Assassination of Russian Ambassador in Turkey..

Kaur shared a post justifying assassination of Russian Ambassador on the name of Jihad

Recent Fb post of Gurmehar kaur popped out where she shared a post justifying assassination of Russian Ambassador on the name of Jihad.

6. Connection with AAP –

These are the reasons which forced Gurmehar kaur

To withdraw her support from campaign as lies she peddled for sympathy has been exposed completely..


  1. Super expose.. that’s why she is on run .. more investigation may reveal her true anti national character and falsehood mongering indeed, she is in abig league have international gangsters behind perhaps as revealed in above article , ashame and sham she is..

  2. I don’t know why I am reacting to the unthankful nation, but. All she did was exercised her fundamental right. I shall even quote before some dumb unthoughtful arsehole react by commenting. I stand here quoting some famous chap that ” I might disagree with you, but I shall fight for your right to ..”( yes fucker find out). . . .

    • How come she deduced ABVP had attacked people without being at Ramjas College personally? How did media show pictures of SFI leader Leftist Prashant Mukherjee attacking and punching someone as an ABVP goon?

  3. Shame on those who abuse ladies and matyrs. Where has the author mentioned about the violence of ABVP, the rape threats and bullying by likes of Rijuju. A woman can only fight against such powerful forces to an extent. Shame on bullying a young woman from speaking up on violence of ABVP. You know who else was a peacenik : Vajpayee.

    • Who abused martyrs ? and opposing Ms. Kaur does not amount to be against all womankind. She presented wrong information and do you know the commie students attacked AVBP members . There is a picture of it as well but the Media in its great biassed mentality claimed that the AISF leader was from the AVBP….Peace is allright but please know that India has alredy done everything for peace….The biggest act of peace by us …We have never initiated a single war with Pakistan .All wars were dumped on our heads by Pakistan so please give a peace lecture to the Pakis .

  4. Spare her people..Do u really think that a 20 year old is capable of so many deeply politically motivated actions? She just got trapped onto something she never thought would get to this level…And she wants to be out of it…So let her be!

  5. Yes..the real reason for her withdrawal and the subsequent deactivation of her Facebook Account shows how her dangerous half truth and half lies have got well exposed through her Facebook timeline itself.
    That is how all her farcical claim of independent voice in Student Politics got exposed. I just cannot answer whether preaching peace on one hand and justifying Islamic Terror on another can be called Hypocrisy or Blatant Lying?
    Very Difficult to Answer!!
    But now Media, HT and NDTV please spare her of the attention… Ab Bachhe ki jaan loge kya?

  6. Gurmeher is an intelligent young girl. Young people can be misled easily as they are more open to seemingly unfair treatment meted out to the weaker sector. Teachers, both in the schools and colleges have the responsibility to remove their misgivings and turn their energies to make them logical thinkers and good citizens over and above every thing else. They need to realise their responsibility to make ours a better nation.

    Many things need to be set right in our country and we need the energy of our youth to correct our previous mistakes.

    Protest we must but against all the evils like encroachments, corruption, deaths on our roads and antique railways systems where the common man is treated as fodder instead of a valued customer.

    I pray that Gurmeher is blessed with confidence and will to lead the young to make out country the greatest in the world. I know she can do it.

    God bless you child.

    Capt Vinode Mohindra

  7. Guys it is always easy to blame. Most of the people here have a herd mentality to follow. We have read a story in our childhood that once a Brahmin was carrying a goat while passing through a jungle. Three thugs met him at different time interval and said why is he carrying a dog with him. He was able to ignore the first two but when the third person said why he is carrying a dog, he just went by the majority and left the goat in the jungle thinking it as a dog.

    To understand the thought process of Gurmeher, please see her initial video of 36 placards.
    I support Gurmeher for her anti violence campaign.

  8. Clever woman: Modi cleverly brought this girl for UP elections to polarized voters: Stupid Indians are really dumb: can’t figure out BJP plan: this shrewd girl made money out of this: Stupid producers are approaching her for film on her dad: and stupid Amir khan will be hero and ankusha sharma is lead actress: girl got 3 crores as signing amount on film: this girl is very very smart now Indians will line up to see this girls movie: many Indians laid their lives for India but this girl is cashing: No doubt India is rape capital of world since Draupadi days! well done Indians : keep in singing HAR hat Modi and making money like this girl did and raping women in rape capital of world, Delhi!


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