Tarek fatah Heckled and Beaten up by Hundred of Tolerant people in Urdu Festival,Delhi!


Tarak Fatah As we all Know is Secularist and Liberal Activist Pakistani-Canadian citizen. He Speaks and opposes Every Ill Practice present in Religion of peace which is destroying youth and making them Radical Braindead. Tarek Fatah was Heckled and Beaten up by Hundred of Tolerant people at the Jashn-e-Rekhta festival in Delhi on Sunday.

According to Some Online News Portals Tarek fatah Provoked Protestors by Calling Them “Jihadi” However Fatah has denied the allegations that he provoked the protests. “A bunch of Muslim goons, a mob, attacked me when I was signing autographs,” he said. “The police, instead of catching the others, wanted to throw me out.” Fatah also accused the police of manhandling him.

The organizers of the event said Fatah, the host of a program called “Fatah ka Fatwa” on Zee, had not been officially invited to the event but had gone there in personal capacity. “Our tehzeeb [culture] is not so weak that one person can disrupt things.

After all this, it Now seems like Pre-planned one. Tarek Fatah is Hitting Where it Hurts Most and Probably He is the Only One Who Speaks Openly against misdeeds of Peacefull religion and It’s Radicalism. Though he should Be Careful while Dealing With Such people.



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