Zee News Chairman lambasted over Twitter for suspension of Right wingers account


Media Baron & Zee news chairman Dr. Subhash Chandra Lambasted on Twitter India For continuously Blocking only Right wingers account under the allegations of Hate speech.

All this started from The Suspension Of Famous Twitter account Of Sonam mahajan Popularly known has ( @asyounotwish ) for his strong anti-Islamic & kejriwal Tweets.

Subhash Chandra in Tweet Clearly Mentioned that Twitter India is Targeting Right wing accounts He said.

” With the growing precedence by TwitterI ndia to block all right wing accounts, soon they might even block P.M. Narendra modi’s account ”

Here is the Tweet .

He also Dragged Delhi C.M Kejriwal in Controversy.

Not only Subhash Chandra Many Famous Personalities Protested against suspension of Sonam’s account

Bjp MP Pratap Simha

Support from Bollywood

This is not first time when Right winger account is being suspended by Twitter, everyone Alleges that they are biased towards Leftists


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