No Need To Pay Extra Money In While Traveling! Indian Railways Released Rate List…


IRCTC is the fourth largest railway network in the world but when it comes to quality of services provided by the corporation, many travelers aren’t impressed by it. Under the leadership of Suresh Prabhu, Indian Railways is trying its best to provide passengers with good services and facilities. One of the biggest problems that a passenger faces while traveling in a train is concerned with food items


Every now and then, passengers were seen posting their complaints on social media platforms regarding the quality of food being served in the railways along with being overcharged as one of the major issues which mostly seen in the case of Tea, Coffe, Bottled Water.

Many angry passengers have filed complaints about catering services on Twitter and other portals available for grievance redressal. The private vendors who provide food and catering services to the passengers are appointed by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) which has the fourth largest rail network in the world.

As per the contract, the selected vendor has to provide food and services at the rates which are fixed by IRCTC. What’s more, it has to show the menu card and provide hygienic food to the passenger. However, most of the times, it has been found that passengers do not get the value for their money and the quality is not up to the mark.

To solve the matter for many, Ministry of Railways recently took to Twitter and posted their entire menu with updated rates so that passengers can’t be fooled anymore. The ministry of railways also encouraged passengers to lodge complaints in case they feel they are being overcharged.

here is the video regarding Food Menu Issued by Ministry Of Railways Last Year:

The Indian Railways minister Suresh Prabhu got all the catering contracts reviewed in 2015 and also instructed that the companies which are running operations using unethical and corrupt means should be blacklisted.

In fact, Suresh Prabhu and his team came up with new catering policy in February this year. As per the policy, both the functions of production and distribution will be separated. A high number of complaints regarding food quality is a matter of concern for the department and this separation may help in making sure that food served on trains is healthy and of good quality. In fact, The railways trying to get hoteliers onboard so that they can build base kitchens at major stations to improve the quality of the food served in the trains.




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