Singer Abhijeet Abused Maulvi on Live Debate who issued fatwa on Sonu Nigam

Yesterday the debate over Fatwa On shaving of Sonu Niga head turned ugly when Sonu Nigam shaved his head according to a fatwa issued by Vice president of Minority council of Kolkata, but Maulvi Refused to pay the fatwa price with a reason that Sonu hasn’t fulfilled his fatwa. While during the debate on times now Firebrand singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya known for his controversial remarks scolded & nearly abused Maulana. He said,
listen to me Maulvi, Idhar Main bolunga aur tu sun ab dhyaan se jyada bolna mat eech mein mere. How many Wives do you have ?? Teri Aukaat hai Saale 10 Lakh dene ki ?? Saale 5 jootey marunga aur count 1 karunga, tum jaise kameeno ne bengal ko Bangladesh bana diya hai, aukaat mein raho warna maar maar ke halat bigaad denge tere jaison ki.
Here is the video.

Singer Abhijeet Bhattacahrya Showed Aukaat of Maulana on live show who issued fatwa against sonu nigam.

Posted by TrollDroll on Wednesday, April 19, 2017


  1. Well done Abhijeet ji, This type of people should be treated like this only,it would be much better if people found him in street and thrush heard for spreading hate in society, because if anyone with this type of mentally do not understand the language of love and peace for each other he must be taught in his own language, no ti is time to keep such people out of society for betterment of India.

  2. Well Done Abhieet ji… it was a tight slap to poor begger moulvi… Apne aukaad mai 10 lacs nahi tho fatwa dene ka kya zaroorath tha iss badve ko…

  3. Abhijeet ji good job ….unko pyar ki language samajhh Nahi aati aapka tareeka bhi thik tha aur attitude bhi

  4. Sonu nigam IS a great singer. How dare to tell all these stupid things to him. We public support Sonu ji.Who the hell are you to say celebrity like this. Hat’s off to u Sonu ji. Well done Abhijeet da.Nice reply


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