Must Watch How Arnab Goswami Badly Insulted Congress Spokesperson Over BJP CHANNEL Remark


Arnab Goswami new media venture is on the radar of intellectuals, rival media houses & politicians from day one after the launch. The competition between media houses is so much that even Times now& India today had to run an Exclusive story on day one of launch to match the TRP of republic from day one republic has shown the complete investigative journalism By covering Lalu- Shahab Uddin tapes, Sunanda Pushkar murder story now Let Terror module in Kashmir.

Today after the High court permitted Income tax dept. to investigate in National Herald case in which Rahul Gandhi & Sonia Gandhi Are accused has shaken the Indian politics again to the core. As usual congress spokespersons are defending Rahul – Sonia in media once again. While trying to save Gandhi duo, Congress spokesperson Brijesh kalappa on Republic TV CalledREpublica BJP channel when one of the reporters questioned something related to national herald He no only stopped their he also asked for the funding of Republic  Tv.

After hearing This drama Arnab Goswami took up the Mike & UInsuled Birjesh Kalappa so badly that he will never forget this insult in his whole life. ArnabSaid,

“ Today A Politician has changed the relations between Media & Politics, If you are not getting a Rajya sabha seat even after doing Ashtanga Pranam to Gandhi’s then that’s your fault, not mine. Go do ashtanga pranam to Gandhi again, tell them I am your Lapdog, I have tried everything to save you but they threw me out. That’s the kind of language worms like you deserve, move on let’s not waste time to this person who is not psychologically stable. Brijesh kalappa please admit yourself in A mental asylum as soon as possible, you are to fit to speak on national television”


Here is the video of the whole incident –


Arnab goswami Beaten Congress spokesperson brijesh kalappa for calling republic a BJP channel.

Posted by TrollDroll on Friday, May 12, 2017


well, Brijesh kalappa is not the first one who is abused by Arnab Goswami such badly Lat time Arnab abused Lawyer Sanjay Hegde Badly for linking him with BJP.  Congress spokesperson openly calling Republic a BJP channel but still BJP spokespersons never say NDTV a congress news channel


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