Tyranny in Aam Aadmi Party one more minister sacked for speaking, Kapil Mishra pledges to Expose Corruption in AAP


The Arvind Kejriwal government on Saturday sacked Kapil Mishra as the water minister, days after he sided with senior party leader Kumar Vishwas who has been at loggerheads with the party leadership.

But Kapil Mishra, who is close to Kumar Vishwas who had too hurled the party into a crisis last week, made it clear that he could not be wished away by the party leadership. That he would stay within the party and fight for what he believed was right. “This is my party… Will not go anywhere. Will Stay here and clean up, remove the trash,” he said on Twitter, echoing Kumar Vishwas who also declared that “we will continue to raise our voice against corruption, within and without”.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who made the announcement, said Mr Mishra had worked hard but “water management was not up to the mark. There were complaints about water not reaching people”.



First in tweets, and later before the camera, Kapil  Mishra suggested this wasn’t accurate and took pot-shots at the Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues for dropping him.

Launching the sharpest attack for the Chief Minister. Kapil Mishra said Saturday’s decision had nothing to do with the party’s performance in the municipal elections but the water tanker scandal that he had briefed the Chief Minister.



“I am the only minister with no corruption charges, No CBI inquiry against me. I did not give my daughter, relatives any post. But exposed Sheila Dikshit (for the tanker scam),” he said. The point about the daughter was a barb aimed at Health Minister Satyendra Jain; he had appointed his daughter as an adviser who had to quit after the controversy broke out last year. I will reveal big names, and maybe because of those names, such a decision has been made. I am Kapil Mishra and Kejriwal knows the role I have played against corruption”

Here are the tweets of Minister kapil Mishra showing Rebellious tone –

Kapil Mishra Retweeted Some Anti Kejrwal Tweets Too.




Direct Attack On Delhi C.M. Kejriwal –


Kapil Mishra holding Press Conference Today at 11.30 PM





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