Watch VIDEO- Before and After Reactions of a Pakistan Premi in India Who was Cheering for Pakistan Before Match!


It’s disheartening to see People from India Celebrating Pakistan’s Victory Just Because they are From peaceful or Librandu Community. You have all the Rights to Criticize your Cricket team for Bad Cricket but Celebrating Pakistan’s Victory is Appalling and Disgusting to Whole new Level. After India lose Finals, I heard some Crackers Sound From a particular Area, Where a majority of people Consider Themselves Muslims Before Indians.

News reports from many cities like Kanpur, Jharkhand, Hyderabad, Aligarh(UP), Kashmir, Kolkata Even in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk some Peaceful and Pakistan Lovers Celebrated their Victory, several Areas faced tension after such Situation as People protested and Called Police. Many Videos on Social Media are Getting Viral now.

Videos Coming From Sahebganj(Jharkhand) of a Man Cheering for Pakistan Before match and Abusing Modi for his Visit to Pakistan. First Video was Uploaded by his friend, Video went Viral on Whatsapp and Facebook groups, He was Immediately Arrested. It seems their hate for Modi made them hate their own country now.


In First Video, He was Cheering for Pakistan, said Indian would Lose badly;

In Second Video, He was Withdrawing his statement, said He said those words in Emotion; 

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