Kashmiriyat? Locals standing around were laughing on us, Attack Survivors Snubbed Home Minister Theroy


After the attack on Amarnath yatris by Jihadis in Kashmir killing of  Hindu pilgrims. Media and liberal lobby has started painted Bus driver Saleem As Messiah of Pilgrims which is correct to an extent but the lie spread by media That Kashmiris helped the injured ones is turned out to be hoax as pilgrims themselves admitted that shopkeepers were laughing at them when they asked for help after attack

Media & some minister including Rajnath Singh also haunted an Army personal wife suchi Kalra for saying Fukk off to kashmiriyat, as a result, she had to delete her twitter account.
Seems eyewitnesses of yatra in not in mood accepting theories of Home Minister & media, according to the report of Dainik Bhaskar pilgrims said that when they reached to a place after surviving the attack & asked for help shopkeepers were laughing at them It was Army who rescued them alive. Witnesses said,

“The passengers of the bus were falling by the bullets from the terrorists’ guns. There were four Bahadur youths in the bus who jumped to save the lives of the passengers of the bus, regardless of their own lives. The bullets continued to rupture their body, but they did not give up and saved 50 lives. The injured passengers say that if these brave soldiers did not close the gate of the bus, then no one survived”


Wounded Bus Operator & cleaner stopped Terrorist – 

Mukesh Patel and Harsh Desai were sitting near the gate of the bus. As soon as the firing started, the passenger died near Mukesh. While firing, the terrorists ran away to the gate of the bus, then Mukesh and Harsh bowed down and ran to close the gate. Then two bullets hit Harsha’s shoulder and hand. A bullet got out of the cheek by crushing Mukesh’s cheek. But both locked the gate of the bus crawling. The terrorists could not get inside this.

Puncture Theory –  


The injured Yogita Ben of Maharashtra told that we had left from Srinagar at 6:30 p.m. We had three more buses with us. On the way just got punched. We were left behind After the removal of the puncture, after the departure of the puncture, the punter said that there is another puncture, it lapsed for about 2 hours.

Locals were Laughing at us –

 Injured Rajesh Naval Bhai of the Valsad told that there were many shops near the attack site. The aged & women in the bus were screaming, But the shopkeepers were laughing at us. Nobody came forward to help us

After the news break out the section of liberal media turned red face & started questioning the authenticity of statements of witnesses. Well, one can not digest this laughing theory easily but the track records of Kashmiris from their behavior towards Hindus & army one can not be surprised if they did so.


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