Kashmiriyat remark – Liberals won Rajnath Singh Idiotic reply Forced Twitter user to delete her account, NINDA TURTLE Bulldozed In return


In an unusual rebuttal to a Twitter user, Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday asserted that all Kashmiris were not terrorists and said it was his job to ensure peace and tranquillity in all parts of the country. The assertion by the home minister came in response to a tweet from an “Editor of Make My Trip”, a travel portal, which raised questions about his comment that the people of Kashmir had strongly condemned the terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims and that it showed the spirit of Kashmiriyat was very much alive.



Replying to the home minister, Suchi Singh Kalra, who by using a slang in anger told Singh that no one cared about whether Kashmiriyat was alive or not in Jammu and Kashmir but needed strong action from him against the terrorists responsible for yesterday’s attack. Singh responded: “Ms. Kalra I certainly do. It is absolutely my job to ensure peace and tranquillity in all parts of the country. All Kashmiris are not terrorists.”.

Well, the word used by ms. Kalra was not up to the mark but she never said all Kashmiris are terrorists & this stupid reply of Home Minister Rajnath Singh has given cannon fodder to Media & left brigade who is harassing her badly. As a result, Ms. Kalra deleted her account. this is how media & liberal brigade harassed her for expressing her views





but People in support of Suchi Kalra bulldozed  Home Minister Rajnath Singh










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