New Low; “Congress Leader” Shashi Tharoor Caught Spreading Lies on Social Media!


    A New type of Politics has been initiated since Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took oath as CM, Even Before He used to blame and run from the spot but nowadays, He is silent like Manmohan Singh After his own Cabinet Minister Kapil Mishra took him his way. But as said this a new type(Dirty) Politics Where politicians come and blame one for a fake news and hide with No Clarification After spreading fake news and Misconceptions.

    Shashi Tharoor is the Only Person Considered as Generous in Indian National Congress party, But He seems to be a changed man now. He uses Fake photos to blame BJP and a Particular Ideology. He threatens Journalists for speaking against him or Questioning him. He is more behaving like a Dictionary than a leader or Member of Parliament these days.

    Afterall He is Working under Rahul Gandhi, We Should Expect less from him. Recently a news from 16-17 May came out in a form of Photo or say a Comparision between two News, Where Shashi Tharoor Compared Loss of 5000 Jobs to Recruitment of boys in VHP.

    Recently Shashi Tharoor Posted this photo on his Official Facebook Page-

    He knew No-one Will check the news and He would be successful with his Propaganda of Comparing two irrelevant things to criticize a Particular party and Ideology. Same Happened People started Commenting the way he wants, Started Criticizing and Abusing the Present Government, Cows, VHP, Hindutva and what not. Okay Congratulations for Sucess Tharoor sir, Now the Reality check of News.

    In Reality, IBM Denied Such cut in Jobs the same day this Rumor was spread by Congressis and Aaptards. Spreading Old fake news just to criticize Present Government, VHP was not your style saar. Not done. You can read Full Report and Clarification here – Truth

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