It’s Painful to See Aaptards making fun of Terrorist Attack on Amarnath Yatris, Lowest in Indian Politics


Aam Aadmi Party is famous For its Shamelessness, Hit and Run Trends. According to Them Anything or Everything Is related to Elections and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Party’s Chief Arvind Kejriwal is Well known Foul Mouth, Who actually is the Main Source Of Inspiration For Aam Aadmi Party Supporters, Volunteers and Even Leaders.

Aam Aadmi Party is not even a National Party, Like Every Citizen, They Possess the Right to Question and Criticize the Government. But Targeting Elected Government For Surgical Strike Proofs, Questioning Indian Army to Satisfy Your Family like Neighbour (Pakistan), is the Worst  Thing they have done so far.

They are not Stopping Even After the Heavy Backlash by Indian Citizens, Recently Amarnath Yatris were attacked by Terrorists and In Attack 7 people were killed and many were injured. Whole Nation is in a state of Grief and Sorrow But this Unique Party, Leaders of this Party are making Conspiracy theories out of this Brutal Terrorist Attack.

She Directly Meant Modi Killed These Pilgrims For Election Benefits in Gujrat. Their Conspiracy Theories are not New. We have seen Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Blaming PM Modi of Corruption, Favouring Adani-Ambani During Demonetization With a Single Piece of Paper. Later God Knows Where he put that paper. 

She is not Stopping here, She is Continuously Trying to Bully BJP Supporters After the Incident and She is tweeting and Aaptards are Retweeting her, It’s Painful to see them Stooping such low, She is Mocking Death of those 7 Pilgrims Killed In Terrorist Attack by Putting her Conspiracy Theories Before Gujrat Elections.


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