Profiles are Being Deleted by facebook for Controvarsial Names, But These People are not Going to Stop, 15 More!


We have seen Fake id’s of Boys With Girls name With thousand of Friends on Facebook, Time is Different now, Making an ID With Girl’s Name is too mainstream for some people. From around 1 week Some Facebook Profiles With Unique Names and Photos are doing Rounds on Social Media. You will be Surprised to know the Common Thing Between these Profiles.

Facebook is now Deleting these Profiles(With Unique name and Messages), But It Seems These people are not going to stop So soon. Though I have not seen Anything Abusive or Highly Offensive(I m friend with most of these Id’s). Mao Mishra is my Favourite.

As Facebook Deleted Profile of Hitler Qureshi, He Made a new ID Which other Profile Promoted With this Post-

And New ID name is- 

1- Puncture Qureshi-


2- Justin Tridev-

3- Stalin Manuwadi Karsevak Tripathi-


4- Imainyal Mahajan-

5- Cersei Lokhande-

6- Benjamin Nayak-


7- Burhan Vyas-


8- Hitler Singh-

9- John Sinha-

10- George Burshat-


11- Lenin Chandra Upadhyaya-


12- Namaz Manuwadi-

13- John Barfila-

14- Shinzo Sharma-

15- Tyrion Lokhande- 




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