This is How Shameless, Silent Media Massihas Exposed by Twitter users over Bengal Riots


The latest communal disruption in Basirhat, North 24 Paraganas district, about 60 km from Kolkata, last Sunday is yet another grim reminder of how the social media has become an agent provocateur for social discord. And if the official statistic with the state police administration is any indication, the truth is that there had been as many as seven communal flare-ups in the past one month in West Bengal — all triggered by social media posts.

The latest one, on July 2, a “blasphemous. post on Facebook by a 17-year-old boy triggered a communal riot in Baduria leading to the death of an RSS worker, which left around 25 people, including 20 policemen, injured. The irate jihadi mob torched around 12 police vehicles, looted and ransacked several Hindu houses in the area.


A delegation including former judge S N Dhingra met Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh over the communal violence at Basirhat in West Bengal and alleged that Hindus were being targeted in the flare-up. Justice (retd) Dhingra told,

 The delegation explained the situation to the Home Minister. He heard it all but showed his inability to do much. He said that since law and order are the state government’s subject, the Centre cannot do much at this stage. However, he said the Centre was keeping an eye on the situation.

A 65-year-old man also died of stab wounds in Kolkata as violence erupted in parts of West Bengal’s Basirhat region that have been rocked by communal clashes. Kartik Ghosh was attacked by Jihadi Mob with sharp objects when he was returning home on a motorcycle on Wednesday afternoon. This was the first death in violence that has swept the Basirhat region, barely 12 kilometers from the Bangladesh border, that has injured at least 23 people.

As expected Indian media who was beating chest over the lynching of Junaid with #NotInMyName Campaign has moved into hibernation once again. But this time Twitter is not in the mood in leaving them so easily.










Hindus in certain pockets have often been at loggerheads with sections of Muslims who constitute about 27% of the state’s population. But the situation has worsened in recent times under CM Mamata Banerjee’s tenure. The situation was created after Mamata Banerjee came to power for the second time in 2016 and started appeasing one community. The results are evident. The silence of Indian media is Nothing new as everyone knows that they only report when someone from minority or Non-BJp Ruled state face any kind of problem.

Jai Secularism !!!….


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