Saala ek Jhapad maar doon, Muh ke daant [email protected]#d se bahar Niklenge.. Promod Dubey is Back!!


Free and Now Cheap internet facility of JIO has benefited people from remote areas in India, Village people are now equally participating in social media debates, though their way of participation is totally different. They are not keyboard warriors, they do not believe in blocking and reporting their opponents. Their way of debating is different, They generally make videos, ask people to share the video till it reaches to the opponent and challenges another person in their own way.


We have seen Promod Dubey memes on dank meme pages after his video got viral, Even he was in news and apologised to Ejaz Khan’s mother sister for abusing them after pressure. Here is the Video attached-

Along with Promod Dubey, There are many personalities on the internet who challenge people through videos and got response through videos, many more are getting famous like Promod Dubey. We don’t have to take them serious, Maybe they are right at their place, But taking sides in such cases is foolishness.

All we have to do is to listen and laugh, Promod Dubey is back with another Video in which he is seen threatening Masood Azhar and Challenging Azam Khan, Assadudin Owaisi and Aijaz Khan.




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