Heena Talreja/Khan(Converted) was Murdered by her Husband Adnan Khan and Gangraped by His Friends


Crimes in our surroundings are increasing very rapidly and No one is answerable to these Organized Crimes. We often hear cases of Love Jihad and deny it by calling them Fake stories, Propaganda by Rightwing Extremists to malign Minority in India. Most cases turn out to be true. A Recent such case came into limelight when a girl named Heena Talreja, who was living with her mother before her marriage with Adnan. She had lost her father a few years ago and was working in a Hooka Bar.

Here Is What Happened To Her:-

In 2015, Heena Talreja, a Mirpur Resident met Adnan Khan Online and they both became friends Adnan Khan was living in Shahganj area. Adnan used to visit her regularly at a Hookah Parlour where she was working for her bread.  According to co-workers, she was convivial and a helpful person.

With the passage of time, He proposed her and she accepted his proposal against her mother’s Wishes. Heena thought his love for her is true. Later, they got married at a Masjid, Adnan later formalized the marriage at a Registrar Office and started their life as a Married couple. Heena also converted to Islam & became Heena Khan.


2017: Adnan got into another affair and married another girl. Angry and shattered Heena Khan lodged a case of Cheating against her husband with the Police. She was thinking of giving Divorce and was looking forward to proceedings.

July 4 : Adnan tried hard to convince her. She agreed to resolve all the differences over dinner at a Local Dhaba where they used to patronize.Adnan came along with his friend Khaled and another person. After a lavish dinner, they left for home and were driving through the sceduled area.

In a remote isolated area, Khaled and his friend started Gangraping Heena inside the vehicle. As pre-planned, Adnan watched it as a mute spectator. He later shot her at Point Blank on the forehead and also inserted a knife in forehead to ensure that she is dead.


They took away her mobile phone and belongings before dumping her near Punnau Village on a Highway near Kaushambi District and fled to Mumbai. Her body was discovered on July 5 2017.

Mainstream news channels were busy making stories about her character and Ignoring her husband name and Propagating stories of Late night parties, Alcohol addiction, secret marriage etc. No one is talking about the girl who lost her life in a dreadful way just because of a Wrong decision to marry a wrong guy. Her So called lover and Husband, According to Sharia is allowed to have more than 3 wives. Girls should understand the cultural differences while choosing their partner to prevent such cases. Awareness should be there.

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Along With these hindi news portals Only Shankhnaad.com reported this horrific incident and No mainstream English newspaper or Media Portal Reported /Not even published single Article over the issue. Every single incident out there is important, Should be reported without any biases but this case was clearly ignored just because of the religion angle.

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  1. Without the consent if the wife, a husband cannot marry another woma and he have to give dower to the first wife for proceeding to another one.

    • Can Ladies do the same in Islam-Marry multiple times(May be its called something else)??. In the name of Religion , People are doing all the possible Cruel things. Hope Everyone understand there is something called Humanity which is above Religion. Shame on the People who does bloody blunder things for getting in Heaven after Death When they can’t afford a peace now. Hope they all end up having restless Death and not be Born again. No Religion Preaches Violence, Its the people who derive what they want from it. Hope option for multiple marriages for Men is not just populate and Women should fight for their Rights.
      Pity for her who loved such kind of Bastard.

      • No, the entire ideology is a misconception which is wide spreaded all around. A married man is not allowed to do second marriage against the complete consent of the first wife otherwise it would/should be treated equivalent to extra marital affair and is “HARAAM” in Islam. Also to note, there are specific cases for more than one marriage. Just stating an example, there is a women living alone due to some readons and has no source of income and you can financially support her then you can marry her on context you simply can’t keep giving money to a women as the society would think wrong of her, by marrying her should would be your responsibility but remember, the consent of first wife is utmost priority. And this is what is the difference between the true Teachings and self manipulations.

  2. trified Accha huya us larki ke sath … Sali randu thi . Hindu ho kar Muslim ke sath rangralia machane bali ke sath aisa he ho na chahiye… Ham us type ki larki ko samagik bahiskar karte hey …

    • You should respect the women whatever she is doing its not your fucking buisness at all
      Its upon her
      Bhosdikeee gaand ka gurgawaan bnaa diya jaayega bkchodi kaati

    • Dude, get a life.. who the hell are u to remove anyone from society. How r u even a human being? People like u Shud not live in our society. U r just an asshole who divides the society into caste,creed and religion. Be a human being first.. And I know my words will not even mean anything to u coz u r just a fucking bastard..

  3. No point telling these brainwashed converts about what’s right and what’s not. They are blindfolded by their Aakaas.
    I feel sorry for the girl.
    What was her mistake? That she fell in love?
    Stop judging her… All of you who are abusing the girl, will realize when you understand what love is.
    We should educate our kids about the pros and cons of trusting someone and falling for someone especially the so called minority pricks.

  4. In my opinion adman khan must be hanged and hua frhendd who raped her mys be imptidoned for life and their sexual organ must be cut off. Do that they cxn never tape snyine.
    Sdns jgzn is a shameless badnash snd is nit s human.
    Ye bharwa hi hai is ko phsnsi hi hon chahiye .
    Heena ka is criminal sevrakaq kena hi theek tha magar is be jo us k saath kiya us ki Dazs is as an ko milna bohat zaroori hai.
    Hindu se mysslman hins ya mydalman se Hindu hona koi jurm nshi every bossy has the right to switch from their religion either by learning and understanding or for sake of love. This us aboetdinsl
    Matter. I feel very sorry for Heena and nay peace Be on her soul .

    • India Tera baap ka hai kya bey….
      And rahi baat adnan ka, ya uss jaise Kisi ka bhi toh Aisa har caste me hota hai boss chahe woh Muslim ho Hindu ho ya or koi caste…

      Kisi insan ki galti ka naam uske caste ko Mat do,

      Caste Marna nahi pyar Karna sikhata hai ab agar woh Adnan madarchod ko Ek choot Me Aram nahi Mila toh Usme Sare Muslim kya Kar sakte hai….

      And Ye maat bholna Bharat jitna tumhara hai utna hamara v hai….

      Jisne galti ki Usse saza do uske caste ko political issue mat banao dost….

      Kiu ki galti caste nahi insane Karta hai…
      Mere papa me v intercaste marriage ki mom Punjabi hai dad Muslim..

      Maine bhi ki mere wife Bengali hai

      But we are living happily…..

  5. Why HINDU girl married to musalim and why Muslim married to Indian they both religion never sacrifice so plz u married in ur religion

  6. Poor girl paid the price for being liberal and thinking beyond religious lines. She must be thinking every religion is same..Islam and Hinduism same…Good..Accha hai hindu girls..you cannot marry sikh, jain, parsi, buddhist or even chirstains..you want a khan…take it then..

  7. The moral of the story is the same… Infidel ladies, make conscious choices before you ready to abandoned your own family with strong values and run for a false jihadi love to get finally murdered.

  8. Or karwalo bhnchd inse Nikaah.. Ye log sudhar jae to saali duniya me shaanti na ajae. Ajtak koi kaam inlogo ne sahi kiya h jo tum ladkiya inse nikaah krwane chali jati ho. NON muslims k to ye log wese he sabse bade dushman hote h. Shame on u. Sali mentality to paeda hote he gandi kardi jati h inki.


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