Video- On Asking not to Perform Nazam on Airport and Roads, Maulana Said “Will Perform Namaz in your Houses too”


A few days ago a Person named Vineet Goenka was about to go for security check in with his wife to catch his flight to Delhi at 8 pm on Saturday evening.Suddenly, he caught sight of a few men offering namaz, sitting in the path that leads from the luggage check in counters to the screening counter.

While others were going round the praying men, Vineet demanded from the CISF jawans there that the men be asked to move to the airport prayer room.


Mr Goenka was headed to Delhi by Air India’s flight number 101 and had checked in at around 7.30pm when he spotted four passengers offering prayers in the gangway and protested against this. “When my wife started video recording the incident, one of the CISF men tried to snatch her phone. He also made some unpleasant remarks and seemed very confident that we would leave for our flight and forget the matter. It was then that I decided to sit on dharna and demanded an apology from their commandant,” he said.

The CISF commandant reached the spot at around 11 pm and apologized. He also asked his two juniors to do the same. “Had he been as sober and reasonable as his senior, the issue wouldn’t have escalated to this level. I will, however, write to the ministry of civil aviation as well as the home ministry about the same for necessary action to be taken,” said Mr. Goenka.

And this debate turned ugly when a Maulana Threatened to enter houses of Hindus & Offered Namaaz Their soon. here is the video-


Posted by प्रधान जी on Sunday, August 6, 2017


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