Yogi Adityanath is Back, Bashed So called Secularists for discriminating between Hindus and Others


While Speaking at an event organised by the Prerna Jansanchar Evam Shidh Sansthan, Noida and Lucknow Jansanchar Evam Patrakarita Sansthan — RSS Sah-Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosabale too was present — the Chief Minister said officers briefing him on the Kanwar yatra told him that use of use of microphones, DJs, music systems would not be allowed.

C.M. Yogi in Keshav Samvaad Patrika Program

He said when officers red-flagged the use of microphones, DJs and music systems during the recent Kanwar yatra (the annual pilgrimage of Shiv devotees), he told them to ensure that microphones are banned everywhere and no sound emanates from any place of worship. He said he asked the administration whether such a ban could be enforced and if it was not possible, then the yatra would continue the usual way.

Yogi Adityanath in Event Said,

I asked if this was a Kanwar yatra or a funeral procession. If they don’t play music and drums, don’t dance and sing, don’t use the mike, how will it be a Kanwar yatra. If I cannot stop the offering of Namaz on roads during Eid, I Have no right to stop the celebration of Janmashtami at the police station. Everyone has the right to celebrate their festivals in this country. You have the right to celebrate whether Christmas or Offering Namaz But you must have to follow the Civil Rules & If you will try to bypass them, the Law will taken it course. I say take pride in saying I am a Hindu, I will be called communal 

here is the video of Yogi Adityanath speech-

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He said in Nepal, Mauritius or any country where Hindus of Indian origin live, they feel proud to be called Hindus. “But if we say the same in India, we will be called communal,” he said.

Targeting the previous SP government, Yogi Adityanath said those who called themselves Yaduvanshis had banned the celebration of Janmashtami at police stations and police lines. He said he was of the belief that “prayers and kirtan may bring improvement in the police system”.



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