#AWESOME: Uttar Pradesh Kid Wrote Letter to Prime Minister for Her Father’s treatment, Yogi Adityanath Jumped before PM Modi to Help this Kid.


A daughter has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to save his father’s life. The father of a five-year-old girl is in the comma, The case is from Alipur village of Saharanpur district, where Arun is in Coma since last 1 year. He was a photographer and one year back he was coming to the photography from the event and on the way, his bike collided with the tractor and Arun’s condition became so serious that he went to coma.

Ishu with her father Arun

He has a 5-year-old daughter and a boy was born 2 weeks before the accident. His father and his brother run a house by wages and there is a sister who has not yet been married. His family members said that he was treated first in Haryana but because of the situation, he was referred to Chandigarh for being critical, he stayed for nearly 1 year, but due to no improvement in the health of Arun, They Had to return home. Arun’s daughter, Ishu, wrote a letter to the PM due to the family’s financial condition and asked for help from him.

The letter written by the Ishu went viral in social media in which she wrote,

 “Dear Modi ji, My father’s Head got fractured during an accident about a year ago. Due to Lack Of funds, we are unable to give him proper medical treatment. I live with my Ailing Father, mother and a younger brother in a Mud House. I request you to help y father to get treatment in Govt. Hospital”

Here is the copy of the letter written by Ishu To P.M. Modi –


Before the matter could reach to P.M.Modi, U.P. C.M. Yogi Adityanath seen this letter on social media & ordered U.P. Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh For the treatment of Arun Assoon as possible.

U.P. Health Minister Issued a Statement on this whole matter too –





C.M. Office Too Tweeted in this matter –



Here is the video regarding this issue too –


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