Here is What #ABVP Need to Understand after Losing DUSU and Other University Elections!


Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad(ABVP), BJP’s Student wing was Continuously Contesting and Winning Delhi University Student Union Elections from past 4 years. Students gave them Power after they were Successful Rolling FYUP Back With their Ground Struggle and by Support of Students. Since then With Any Candidate, ABVP was Winning Atleast 3 seats in DUSU Elections. The main Achievement was Rolling back of FYUP with other student related issues.

Congress-backed National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) won 2 major Seats in Delhi University Student Union; President and Vice-President though ABVP Won two seat. Top posts boosted the morale of NSUI students. Before Delhi University, JNU Student Union results were declared and Left sweeps all four seats there. It’s disheartening for students like me to see ABVP losing their seats in College Elections.

Mistakes were there, But the way they lose looks like they were already confirmed about their defeat in DUSU polls. They were not looking Confident at all. Reason Being very less involvement of student related Issues and repetition of Previous incomplete promises.

There are some points ABVP now need to understand after the Elections and while viewing future elections with other student bodies- 

1- Students are now started taking interest in Politics and they are well aware of Points which are being presented before them by Candidates of different parties. They now can understand the difference between Issue related politics and just Politics. In Present scenario, Muscel and money power won’t get you seats in University elections. 


2- ABVP should put Fortuner, Scorpio, BMW and Audi Out of elections(Not Totally) but Ground work is the thing. They need to understand real issues students are facing in university. Proper interaction with Common Students Via Conferences, Seminars, and meetings they should opt instead of roaming around in luxury cars. 

3- ABVP Should get over with FYUP Rollback and should live with present issues, Only thing they have is Rollback of FYUP as an Achievement. Students are facing other problems as well They should try to solve those problems instead of Bragging about FYUP Rollback each and every time. 

4- ABVP have been controlling top posts in Student union since last four years and issues in every manifesto are same. They Should come up with fewer excuses of why the issue hasn’t been resolved till now. They Should not use previous issues in form of future issues.

5- Last and not the least, candidates for different posts should be selected from within the students and not some rich lad who doesn’t even know how to interact. Common students who are willing to fight elections should opt as candidates so that they can understand and solve student related issues easily.


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