Columnist at QUINT, BUZZFEED and THE HINDU is Desperate to see PM Modi Dead and there is no outrage


Social media has exposed The Dual Mindset of Indian Media Who Portray them as neutral while on screen & Abuses or Defame others due to lack of their Civility.

Now some journalists are taking this bar “higher” – some of them has gone ahead & abuse P.M. Modi on the occasion of his Birthday. First DD Prasarbharti Ex Chairperson Mrinal Pande Who compared P.M. With Donkey while wishing Him Birthday. Well, she is facing heavy criticism from own tribe including Ravish Kumar too.

And Another From The Journalist Of News Portal The Quint who Tweeted “Good To Know That Modi Is one Year Closer to Death/Retirement”

The Journalist named is Suprateek Chatterjee & works with the Online News Portal The Quint, who always remain in Controversies for their Stand Against Current Govt., Hinduism etc.

The tweet shocked many people on Twitter, who read this tweet as a wish to see PM Modi Dead.









After The things got worse Online News Portal The Quint has distanced itself from the columnist’s tweet, with further announcing that they will not employ Suprateek’s services consequently. Quint In its statement stated,


Suprateek Chatterjee is not an employee of the Quint. He has been a Contributing Writer. We are shocked by the views put out by him on twitter & condemn all hate-mongering. He will not write for us again & all his post are being taken down from our site.



Suprateek Chatterjee after disassociation by the Quint Has Changed his Twitter bio, where he mentioned that he writes for OPEN magazine, The Hindu, The Quint, Buzzfeed India, Caravan, GQ Etc.

Previous Boi Of Suprateek Chatterjee

He also in series of Tweets tried to clarify his stand, He said that

you can interpret it that way if you like. honestly my reason for saying that was that it doesn’t seem like he’ll ever retire so. Death is the only thing that could stop him. Also, really, I feel no guilt in wishing this for him. he is definitely the exception. It is my right to hate him and express it how I feel. It wasn’t a call for action before you go down that road. 

He Has Put His account in the Protective mode now that’s why we are unable to post his views. But When A User Justified Celebration of Murder of Journalist Gauri Lankesh, Suprateek countered Own Theories.



Suprateek’s past TWEET wishing Modi To be killed by LET

While the freedom of expression gives Suprateek the right to write whatever he feels including anti-Modi tweets, many people thought that he crossed a line when he directly wished for the death of the Prime Minister of India in past too. Such a strong hate for Narendra Modi also raises a question over the objectivity and truthfulness of reports filed by such journalists.

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